It’s Been A While…

I haven’t posted in quite a bit. I feel guilty and ashamed, like I let myself down. But unfortunately, life has gotten in the way and I’ve been feeling a bit stuck. I’ve been feeling stuck with multiple aspects of my life – work, home, and of course, writing.

I was on a cruise this week, which was relaxing and amazing, but now I’m back to the daily grind of every day life. While on the cruise, I remained completely unplugged and didn’t go on my phone at all and it was nice. I had time to relax, time to read, time to spend with my husband, but most of all, I had time to think.

I had time to think about my life. I had time to think about my wants, my desires, my goals, my dreams. And I realized something. I need to stop feeling so unsatisfied. I need to do something to make a change so that every day of the week doesn’t feel like a repeat of the previous day. That’s mainly why I started this blog. If you look back to my first ever post, I write about why I started this blog. I captured my feelings when I was feeling so low and so bored with life. I needed to re-read that post to reignite the fire within me because, unfortunately, that fire died a little too quickly. I let my negativity and my self doubt get in the way for a few weeks and I need to end that cycle now before it spirals into something bigger.

I need to remember that I’m doing this for me and for no one else. I am doing this because I want to. I am doing this to make myself happy and I need to stop putting so much damn pressure on myself to make this perfect. It will grow in time, I just need to focus on the reason I started this blog. I started it to make myself happier, with the hopes that one day, I can make others happier by telling my stories and giving them hope.

There’s still time. I just can’t give up.

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