pexels-photo-1638336.jpegGrowing up, I was never into sports or any sort of athletic activity. Instead of running the mile in my high school physical education class, I ran away from it. I was infamous for skipping physical education class and I avoided all sports as if they were diseased. I was always thin and had a fast metabolism, so I didn’t think twice about the importance of physical activity. Then, I graduated college and became an adult.

Getting old made me gain weight. And that weight bothered me, a lot. I had access to a beautiful gym facility for free in college, hell,  I even worked there at the front desk! But did I work out there? Nope. Once I graduated college, I became unhappy with my body and decided to do something about it. I went to different classes, tried different trainers and exercise programs, but nothing stuck. I hated working out because it was boring to me. I went back and forth with different methods of exercise and about four years ago, I found something that stuck.

I joined a small gym near my apartment and paid (a lot) for a personal trainer there. She kicked my butt into gear and working out became a habit for me. Unfortunately, she moved and no longer works there, but I still work out five to six days a week at that gym on my own. I now have the motivation to go work out. I no longer even think about it because it’s become so routine to me. It’s as routine as taking a shower, brushing my teeth, or eating dinner. But it took a while for me to get there. Here are some tips that help me.

  1. Have an accountability partner. It can be a trainer, a significant other, a friend, or anyone you trust. This person can work out with you or encourage you from afar via phone or text. Find someone you can rely on to push you to work out.
  2. Invest in something that makes you want to work out. For example, my Apple Watch pushes me to work out because I love logging my exercise and seeing those rings fill up every day! Some people prefer Fitbits or other fitness trackers. It doesn’t have to be something crazy expensive! Maybe a new pair of headphones or some cute workout gloves. Whatever motivates you!applewatch
  3. Get some cute workout attire. For real, when I have cute leggings and a pretty tank top on with my blacked out Nikes, I feel like I can do anything. When you look good, you feel good, and you are more inclined to get to that gym and be seen lookin’ all cute and stuff! Work it, girl.
  4. Listen to some fire jams. Nothing gets me pumped up like old school Eminem (“Lose Yourself”, anyone?). Whatever it is that gets you going, pump that through your headphones! I change up my playlist every day so I don’t get bored. I love using Apple Music because they have pre-made playlists you can just search for!
  5. Plan your workout. I used to go into it blind and just run for a little, then lift a few weights, and I was out. But working with a trainer taught me that I need to target certain muscles and I need to have a plan. I use the Fitness22 Workout app on my phone to plan and track my workouts. This way, I know what exercises I need to do each day and it keeps track of it for me so that I can see my progress.workout.jpg
  6. Find something you like. I hate taking classes because I am so paranoid and easily distracted. I also hate running and cardio because I think it’s boring. I’ve done research and tried different things and realize that I love weight lifting. I still do some cardio, but I love knowing that it’s not the focus of my workout. If you find a workout you enjoy, you will continue to progress with it.
  7. Stick. With. It. Seriously. Seeing results is undeniably addicting. It may take a while to get to that point, but when you see those arms toning up, you’re going to want to keep going. You may be the last person to notice your body changing, but those around you will notice. And let me tell you, hearing that you look good or that you look like you lost weight never gets old. Ever.

Something that I’ve learned is that there are no easy, quick ways to lose weight. Anything that promises dramatic weight loss in a short amount of time is a gimmick and probably not healthy. What good is it to drop 10 pounds in a week, to only gain back 12 the next week? That’s what happens when you follow these gimmicky yo-yo diet and supplement meal plans that are out there. Also, in addition to making my body healthier, working out has become a sort of therapy for me. I feel so, so good after a workout and it truly calms me down and does wonders for my anxiety. Now, if I miss a workout, I feel like garbage! It’s important to remember to have a healthy balance, which is why I always give myself 1-2 days off a week!

Find something that works for you – something that makes you happy, healthy, and calm.

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