It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Remember your childhood Christmas celebrations? Remember looking up to the sky on Christmas Eve night, hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa and his sleigh? Remember tiptoeing down the stairs Christmas morning to be delighted by the pile of gifts surrounding the tree? Remember believing, without hesitation?

I remember all of those things too well. I cling to those memories, I think about them every Christmas. I remember the smell of grandma’s sugar cookies wafting through the house and I remember getting cozy on the couch with my siblings to watch whatever Christmas cartoon special was on each night. I remember the magic, the wonder, the excitement.

It’s a shame that for many people, as we get older, that magic dwindles. Life gets busy, we get busy, we have no time for Christmas TV specials, Christmas songs, no time to write letters to Santa. But we need to see the different type of magic that surrounds us as adults at Christmas time – the twinkle in that child’s eye, that sappy Hallmark movie on television, the laughter and warmth of loved ones, and the burnt cookies in the oven from trying to master grandma’s recipe.

Now, that doesn’t mean that depression and anxiety stop during the holidays because of all the holiday cheer. Check on your loved ones, make sure they’re handling everything well. This time of year can be as tough for some people as it is happy for others. Remember that. Be there, be present, and show compassion.

Now, that’s what Christmas looks like.

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