What’s in a Name?

Jolt of Impulse?

What kind of name is that for a blog? Where did that name come from?

Well, my friends, it came from my husband, Z. He is really the one who first brought up starting a blog to me, about a year ago. I dismissed it at first, thinking I couldn’t do it. That fear I talk about in my first post, that was the reason I held back. Z has been encouraging me to write as a creative outlet for years, but I let my fear of failure hold me back from doing so. I finally broke free from that fear, though.

It was a Saturday night. We were lying on the couch in our apartment watching Christmas movies, when I just felt the urge to write. I grabbed my laptop and began writing what is now my first post. After Z read it, he again encouraged me to look into starting a blog. Little did he know, I’d been researching how to start a blog for some time now. I started researching when he first brought it up a year ago. We went through the logistics and then came the hardest part, thinking of a name. My first idea was “Life of Elle” which was taken, of course. Z and I sat there throwing out different names and words, but nothing stuck.

Now, Z always has to slow me down because I am impulsive by nature. I think of something and need to do it right then and there in that moment. I can’t help it. He tells me I jolt around when I’m trying to get things done. Ironically enough though, this blog has been anything but impulsive or jolt-y. That December night, we began thinking of words to do with “impulse” and “thoughts”. And then, it came to us – as a “jolt” if you will – A Jolt of Impulse was born.

I guess we can say that my impulsiveness has led to something positive.


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